Eddie boy

1994  Competition, Kiruna, Sweden
1996  Competition, Kiruna, Sweden. 1st prize.
1997  Competition, Quebec, Canada. Two first prizes.
         Competition, Nuuk, Greenland. Special prize.
1998  Competition, Quebec, Canada
1999  Competition, Harbin, China. Special prize.
2000  Competition, St.Candido and St.Virgil, Italy.
2001  Competition, St.Candido and St.Virgil, Italy.
2002  Competition, Snow and Ice, Valloire, France. 1st prize.
         Member of jury, snowsculpture competition in Kiruna, Sweden
2003  Special guest, Valloire France, member of jury
2004  Competition, Nayoro, Japan. 1st artist prize and 3rd jury prize.
2005  Competition, Grindelwald,Switzerland
2006  Competition, Torino, Italy Olympic Games 2nd jury prize and 1st. artist prize.
         Competition, Art in Ice Livigno Italy
2007  Competition, Kiruna Lappland, Swedish champion and 1st.artist and 1st. public prize.
2008  Competition, Quebec City, Canada. 1st artist 2nd jury and 1st organization prize
2009  Competition, Harbin China
2009  Competition, St.Moritz Switzerland. 1st jury prize and 1st public prize
2010  Competition, Livigno Italy 1st jury prize and 1st artist prize